Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Took the Time that it Took

As soon as you're invested in it and it's all on you then all the sudden the fear kicks in. You're like "Eh..." You start second guessing yourself and you're like "this ideas good, but ah you know what, I'm about to start issue one I should change my idea. I'll just change the whole idea. Yeah I'll put this one in a folder and I'll start this other idea, cause this other idea is way better." And then you do the same thing and rinse and repeat. 
So I've been kind of on the side of all these years of Oz kind of like going through that process. Rebooting it, rebooting it, and then I'd come up with this idea, or come up with that idea, and all the while, nothing is happening. 
So after all this time I get frustrated with myself that I'm just not pulling the trigger. Yet all along on this other side I'm drawing six volumes of Oz, I'm doing one hundred covers, doing this, doing that, me and Eric are going to the Eisner's and thing are happening, but then all the sudden work goes off and I won't do it for myself. And I was so frustrated. [...] 
There was a lot of comfort there in doing Oz. I need to reboot everything. I need to shake things up. The next thing up I said, "Whatever I do next I'm going to write it too." That's just where my heads at. Part of that was also me throwing myself on the fire. There's nothing that teaches you how to get over that bullshit in your head than having someone else give you a date that shit has to get done. 
One of my big problems for me was there was no deadlines and there was nobody to hold me accountable. And so I got all hippie with it. Like "Ah yeah, it's fine. I'm just letting it percolate man. I'm just letting it build. And the muse isn't here." And all these bullshit excuses. And then even telling people it's a bullshit excuse is your bullshit excuse. And you're getting so goddam meta with it that you don't even know where the excuse ends and the reality begins. [...]
I heard an interview recently with Guellermo Del Toro and he said something that I think I want to steal and hold on to forever, is that he was blessed with a very small rearview mirror. Which, not many thing stay in the rearview mirror for long. He just moves on and tackles the next thing.  And I thought that was just such a great way of thinking about things. 

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