Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Addictive Behavior

Two more posts and my blog will be mine again!  Hold strong people!  Hold strong!

Everyone has their "thing."  For some, their thing is something that could be considered as destructive like drug abuse, alcohol abuse, eating disorders, or World of Warcraft.  For others it's more easily hidden in chronic TV watching, incessant gossiping, or thrill seeking.  Whatever your thing is (and don't say you don't have a thing), don't judge someone else that has a different thing.  If you want to change the world then be the change towards moderation and let others see the results.

The über long video above explains how your affinity for certain "things" developed when you were younger.  It should make it painfully clear that just because your addiction doesn't have a group that meets about it doesn't make it not an addiction.