Thursday, October 11, 2012

Using the User

For those of you that regularly follow me, I'm sorry for this out-of-no-where post.  I'll be back on schedule as soon as my classes stop demanding posts out of me....

Linus Torvald (look him up) had a very interesting approach to building software.  Raymond describes it as the "bazaar" style.  It's an approach that has an open air feel; operating in direct opposition to the closed door development style of most of the software giants today.  While you may agree or disagree with this style of development, there is one point that you need to learn from it.

Treat your user as a co-developer.

This is the key to knowing what to build, what to change, what to fix, and what to keep.  If your product is software or motorcycles or fireworks, use your user as a developer.  After all, isn't your product being designed for your user?