Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tricks and tactics seem to be the name of the game in the confidence department.  'Do this' and 'try that' is the battle cry in a war with self-esteem and confidence.  In the video above, Amy Cuddy suggests that body language is the latest way to alter how you feel, and as a result how you behave.  Without attempting to downplay her fabulous talk, let me recommend something better.  In analyzing the numbers of women in computer science, Paul De Palma indirectly suggests that becoming something is the key component of confidence.  He recommends practicing small problems and working within simple systems as a means of exploring an unknown space.  Practice little things.  Practice lots of things.  Rather than trying every trick in the bag, practice doing the small until you're confident you can tackle the big.  Engrain a practice until it becomes part of you, because when you're doing what comes natural you can't help but be confident in what it is you are doing.