Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper [4-inch]

The iPhone 5 is here and with it the new 4 inch screen!  To accommodate the change I've completely redone the Ultimate Pokemon Pack (+151 wallpapers & ringtones) to fit the new screen!  Enjoy! 


Josh Lepinski said...

Awesome! it's too bad I don't have an iPhone 5. I am actually a Pokemon video game fan. I hesitate to have those type of things associated with my blog though. Mostly because I kind want to have it be a professional resource but I probably need to mature a bit more in my writing before I make a completely professional blog.

Gemini Spark said...

I'd get an iPhone 5 just so I could get these skins... I'd likely stick with a Ninetales, Clefable, or Arbok skin.