Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple v Samsung: The Ad Wars

In light of Samsung's recent court loss, as well as Apple's monumental iPhone 5 preorder sales, it's no surprise that Samsung is scrambling to do whatever it can to keep up in the smart phone war.  With that said, regardless of the situation, deceptive advertising is NEVER the way to sell a product.  Samsung ran an ad this week presenting a devious little list of features that make the Galaxy S3 the "next big thing."

Dear Samsung, I've got a pro tip for you: being tricksy WILL come back to bite you.  Why do you think everyone hates their phone/cable/car company?  Because they were lied to at the time of sale and eventually figured it out, and when they find that out they don't come back.  So while you may get your publicity, and you may get some calculated reaction, you're killing your future and you're upsetting your customers.