Thursday, September 27, 2012

Digitally Speaking, Stars Are People Too

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon the short interview documentary called "Music," by Andrew Zuckerman.  This simple, almost understated film casts an incredibly human light on the creative process of music as well as music as an industry.  Contrast that with the news from earlier this week of Billie Joe Armstrong (front man of Canadian rock band Green Day) exploding into a fit on stage at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas.  His rant including his disgust for other performers and his outrage at the length of their setlist.

This news shouldn't come as a surprise.  Every news source is flooded with similar stories of celebrity tirades all the time.  In fact, the explosion of technology in recent years has all but obliterated the beautiful facade that Hollywood producers try so very hard to paint.  The hulking mass known as 'Anonymous' demands the raw, brutal, absolutely human truth; and when they find it they post it online.

The rise of technology is a major opportunity for you, the members of Anonymous, to accept the humanizing effect of technology.  Let the demand for absolute transparency help you discover you.  It may be painful, but you will be a more creative person once you take the plunge, look in the pixelated mirror, and figure out who you are as a human.

[Thanks for the members of my class for the input on the edit]

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'Passes' App Icon

Here's the results of my most recent icon design job.  The first icon is what he wanted, the second is what we ended up with.  I'll link to the app in the app store when it hits next week.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tall Minecraft Wallpapers

I've redone all the Minecraft Wallpapers for the iPhone 5!  I hope ya'll enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pokemon iPhone Wallpaper [4-inch]

The iPhone 5 is here and with it the new 4 inch screen!  To accommodate the change I've completely redone the Ultimate Pokemon Pack (+151 wallpapers & ringtones) to fit the new screen!  Enjoy! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple v Samsung: The Ad Wars

In light of Samsung's recent court loss, as well as Apple's monumental iPhone 5 preorder sales, it's no surprise that Samsung is scrambling to do whatever it can to keep up in the smart phone war.  With that said, regardless of the situation, deceptive advertising is NEVER the way to sell a product.  Samsung ran an ad this week presenting a devious little list of features that make the Galaxy S3 the "next big thing."

Dear Samsung, I've got a pro tip for you: being tricksy WILL come back to bite you.  Why do you think everyone hates their phone/cable/car company?  Because they were lied to at the time of sale and eventually figured it out, and when they find that out they don't come back.  So while you may get your publicity, and you may get some calculated reaction, you're killing your future and you're upsetting your customers.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did You Miss The Point?

So announcement day is over and everyone is bored.  The iPhone didn't wow us like we thought it would!  And I must agree; Apple should have taken my suggestion and added a grappling hook to the phone.  That's what I would have called a great "one more thing"!

It's funny, however, that no one seems to realize what's happening right now.  Apple is continuously doing things that are wow worthy, and we're just letting them happen right under our noses.

Apple is improving the customer experience continuously, and they're doing it they best way possible.  They're not trying to surprise everyone with a new gadget every year.  They're also not trying to reinvent the wheel, especially when the wheel is doing just fine.  What they are doing is making the experience perfect.

They're addressing the weaknesses in mail, the headphones, the dock connector, the voice quality, the international portability, the app store, and on and on and on.  iOS 6 launched with "200 new features" and the iPhone 5 brags "completely redesigned hardware," but no one stops to consider all the unspoken features.  The complainers see "8 megapixel and Retina Display" and think "well nothing changed."  Some how the image processor, the touch sensor integration, and the improved color display get completely overlooked.  The little details that make the experience perfect always get ignored in the midst of NFC and 7" displays.

Bah!  Who am I convincing?  If you're the person that thinks "the Galaxy S3 feels like the future" that's fine.  You can continue to play the game of megapixels, plastic casings, and gigs of ram.  If you're the person that thinks "Microsoft is about to shake up the market" you may be right.  But you can't disregard the amount of catch up they have to play at this point in the game.  Apple is winning because they care, not about the profits, and not about the market share, and not even about the critics.  Apple cares about the people that use their products, and that's what makes Apple different.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Been 11 Years

Today started very abruptly for me.  Part of the abruptness was brought on by a head cold and  sore throat.  The rest of the abruptness was brought on by the fact that today is September 11, 2012.  After reading through the Facebook posts and the obligatory "Where were you 11 years ago" 's, I came to a shocking realization.  My entire adult life has been spent at war.  Think about that statement for just a minute.  I don't want to discuss why, when, or how; I just want to think about the implications of being in a war for that long.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk

Hey everyone reading this, I was hoping for some feedback.  I'm hoping it's obvious who I'm trying to recreate here in classic Pokemon style, but if not, I'd really like any suggestions you can offer me.  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding Creativity

Continuing the theme from previous posts about creativity, I'd like to pose the question "Where do people find creativity?" More important than WHERE do people find creativity, is where do people find THEIR creativity?  In the short clip above, Jamie Hewlett subtly suggests that you find creativity by doing it, and by "it" I mean anything involving creation.  Build a shelf, draw a picture, start a garden.  Do things until you find what drives you, what fascinates you, what intrigues you.  Once you've found that thing, do it until you're burned out.  Then go through the same process and find something new.  Revisit old passions, always find new ones, copy other peoples passions.

The trick to finding creativity is looking; looking everywhere and looking all the time.