Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dota 2 iPhone Wallpaper

All credit goes to Valve and the DotA 2 team for the original art.


Anonymous said...

Amazing wallpapers, not many DotA 2 wallpapers for the iPhone for some reason. Thanks!

silverpain said...

Could you fit some of these wallpapers in this site and add it in your gallery?


Anonymous said...

very nice wallpapers! thank you.

If only you could make some iPad versions of these or other Dota2 iPad Wallpapers in this quality I would really appreciate!

Anonymous said...

Where's Windrunner ???

Anonymous said...


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silverpain said...

nice wallpapers man
check also this one so cool
dota 2 gameplays

Sweet Fairy said...

Nice collection of lovely wallpapers. I'd like to download these for my iPhone. en ucuz iphone 5