Sunday, March 18, 2012

So You Miss The Postal Service?

I was recently told that my blog has too much Pokemon and I need to get back to the stuff that matters.  So, @imDarrian, this is for you.  And by "for you", I mean I'm acknowledging your request with a post that I was already putting together.

This year (almost exactly) has been a long one.  If I was asked to characterize it I'd say that I've spent the year "playing Ben and Jenny."  Which, if you don't know what that means, is the purpose of this whole post.  Ben and Jenny and Jimmy and Chris make up the Postal Service, possibly my very favorite supergroup of all time.

They're subpop-electronic melancholy has defined a good part of the relationships of my adult life.  Ben is the confusedly heartfelt who is forever alone (even while married).  Jenny is the angst filled heartbreaker that can't grasp how she feels until its over.  Jimmy and Chris don't do lyrics, but they're both great people.

All that being said, if you are like me and you miss Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, Jimmy Tamborello, ad Chris Walla then here's a treat for you.  Here's a set of four songs that feature various combinations of the four together in ways that you probably weren't aware of.

This is the Dream of Evan and Chan
The song that started the Postal Service project
[Featuring Ben Gibbard and Jimmy "Dntel" Tamborello]

Roll On
[Featuring Jenny Lewis and Jimmy "Dntel" Tamborello]

Accidntel Deth
[Featuring Jenny Lewis' Rilo Kiley and Jimmy "Dntel" Tamborello]

Handle With Care
A cover of the Travelling Wilburys
[NSFW Lyric]
[Featuring Jenny Lewis, Ben Gibbard, Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes), and M. Ward (She and Him)]

While we're on the subject, have you ever wondered what it would have sounded like if Jimmy had decided to work with Bright Eyes instead of Death Cab for Cutie for the Postal Service?  Well here's a little taste of what it could have been like!

Breakfast in Bed
[Featuring Connor Oberst and Jimmy "Dntel" Tamborello]

Or maybe if Jimmy would have partnered with Grizzly Bear?  Well guess what!  There's a song for that too (and from the same album no less!

To a Fault
[Featuring Grizzly Bear and Jimmy "Dntel" Tamborello

So after all this, if you like what you've heard, you should be checking out each of the individual projects because a lot of time they have some great stuff.  Ben, Jenny, and Jimmy all have (fairly) new or upcoming albums.

**Bonus Content**

Don't forget all the great covers as well as acoustic performances that are out there.  Ben and Jenny are very well known for playing Postal Service songs during individual club performances.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
[Covered by Birdy]

This is the Dream of Evan and Chan
[Acoustic performance by Ben Gibbard]

if you're still reading, this is why I'm sad this year (and this weekend)