Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Complete iPhone Pokemon Pack

It's finally done folks!  The complete iPhone Pokemon pack is done!  It includes wallpapers for the original 151 Pokemon as well as the original music from the games in iPhone ringtone format!


DJ said...

the pokepack is awesome!
the only missing pokemon is:

Missing no.

here's al link:

it was a bug in pokemon red and blue but everybody knows it. and it would really complete the pokepack.

greatz DJ

DJ said...

and one that i forgot, the missing no. ghost type.

here is a link:

Greatz DJ

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Glazier213 said...

Download links not working :(

joe said...

It should be working now. I recently switched hosting services and forgot to relink. :/

Patrick Eddings said...

You need to provide a password?

Pokemon X And Y download free said...

the pokepack is awesome! thnx