Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hippest Response of Them All

As an expert on hipsters I feel the need to post a response post to this (it's not often that one of my favorite bloggers mentions one of my favorite subjects).

[hipster joe is hip]

I love what wikipedia says about the contemporary hipsters:
Lorentzen says hipsters, "in their present undead incarnation," are "essentially people who think of themselves as being cooler than America," also referring to them as "the assassins of cool."

But I love the original hipsters (is that overly hip to say "original hipster"?) article, mostly because I love the original hipsters:
Mailer describes hipsters as individuals "with a middle-class background (who) attempt to put down their whiteness and adopt what they believe is the carefree, spontaneous, cool lifestyle of Negro hipsters: their manner of speaking and language, their use of milder narcotics, their appreciation of jazz and the blues, and their supposed concern with the good orgasm."