Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tech Spech Tuesday 5/24/2011

Sup Spidaman?

Venom let himself go a bit..

  Alright.  Now that I've appeased the art hungry folk, let's talk tech.  If you're like me you've wanted to know, for quite some time, how to start your own website.  Well I just finished the research and this is approximately what you'll need:
  1. An idea.
  2. A willingness to learn HTML and CSS (or Dreamweaver or iWeb)
  3. About $60 dollars a year
  Next step, find a web host that will take your money.  I was directed to GoDaddy by google (if you turn your blog into a site it hosts through GoDaddy by default).  Their plans are cheap enough and they'll also register your domain name.

  After you visit their site, just click what you want to buy.  Don't get overwhelmed, just skip all the extra offers and features and roll with what you know you need.  Also, google search for coupon codes.  You will find some and you will save money.

  Finally, learn your code.  I learned Dreamweaver in one (really arduous) sitting.  If I can do it in one sitting, then anyone can do it over about a week.  I would recommend watching some Digital Tutors or Lynda stuff (either are usually available free through local Universities or Bit Torrents).

  When your site if finished, follow GoDaddy's instructions on taking your site from whatever you built it in and uploading it via FTP.  Their instructions are step-by-step so you really can't go wrong.

  Hopefully this was helpful and hopefully this answered someones questions.  I know I was going bonkers trying to figure this out on my own.  Stupid information super highway.