Sunday, May 8, 2011

I heart SLC

You wouldn't believe the day I had on Friday.

A day intended to be filled with casual studying and WIFI stealing was abruptly interrupted when my mother realized that she left her cell phone in the car.  For me this translates into a mad-dash from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building (where I was studying) to the State Capitol Building (where I was parked).  For your sakes I'll summarize by saying that the time lapsed from me receiving the email to me running through airport security leaping up and down to find my family over the crowd was 22 minutes.  Feel free to nickname me something with "speed" or "demon" in the title.

A quick shot of the Church Office Building I snapped

After successfully making the drop I ventured back into the heart of SLC to experience the fine culture that our state capitol has to offer.  I started by sitting next to some rednecks at McDonalds.  As I tried to enjoy my fish sandwich I was serenaded by their high brow talking of what features to look for in a woman (most of which were picked by their inability to be changed by plastic surgery).

Similar events continued all day as I hunted for places to steal WIFI.

At 7 p.m. I was joined by fresh company.  Being joined by Kara, Patrick, and Darrian eating Thai food and homemade ice cream became the first item of business.  The second item of business was to sprint to the Clark Planetarium only to find it closed during regular operating hours without explanation.

Third and final item of business was to wander from party to party enjoying more of the high brow entertainment that SLC has to offer.  This item of business can easily be summarized by 5 short bullet points.

1. Wander into the wrong party to find copious amounts of alcohol and a girl with a microphone singing "I Will Always Love You" at the top of her lungs.

2. Reunite with an old friend from BYU Idaho, only to find out mid-conversation that he was trippin' on crack cocaine.

3. Find the original birthday party we were looking for only to find hash brownies, a homemade brewery in the bathroom, and a violin maker.  Needless to say we didn't stick around here very long.

4. Meet four lesbians and a gay couple.

5. Spend the remainder of the evening cuddling on a porch couch discussing our favorite parts of the last General Conference.

The night went nothing as planned, but I had fun.  I think the shock of the strange circumstances in which we found ourselves made for good laughs and good stories.