Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

Sorry for the electic posts lately!  I've just been all over the place lately and I'm trying to keep ya'll up to date with what's happening with me.

First off, I don't like being told to try something artistically different.  Well... I do.... I just don't like feeling like I'm bad at while I'm doing it!  In the end I suppose the growing is worth it, the hard thing is actually getting me to try something different.

[realism isn't really my thing]

[I don't like thinking about my appearance]

[wine and pottery is pretty cool]

[I was okay with the looseness of this one]

I hope you've been enjoying the music videos with every post.  They tend to be what I was listening to while working on the art (I realize they still don't seem terribly related).  I'd also enjoy any feedback anyone out there has for, both on what you've liked/haven't liked in posts, as well as techniques in illustrator (or art in general).  I love it, but it's still new to me.