Friday, March 18, 2011

An Abundance of Catherines

So I've decided that if I ever write my memoirs I'll title it "An Abundance of Catherines."  I think it's pretty inventive.  Plus it seems like every event I've attended over the last 3 weeks has AT LEAST 2 Catherines in attendance.  Last night at blues dancing was no exception.  That or I could name it "The Man Forced To Listen To Andrew Bird."  That would be equally descriptive of circumstance.

Anywho....  We went Malawhi Pizza last night.  SO good.  It's expensive, but it's good.

And in the off chance that you've forgotten.... SUCKERPUNCH!!!!  IT'S COMING.  It's Coming.  it's coming.  Enjoy the bored-in-class sketch and the awesome animated short.