Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weird Fellow

If you didn't think I was a weird fellow before, you probably do now.

Here's some sketches (sorry for my hand shadows over the pictures):

While walking to class I became aware of the strange voice in my head.  It always talks in complete sentences and gets upset when I don't use punctuation properly.  So here's a small sample of the strange things that run through my head all day long:

The icy wind is whipping so hard that it makes my eyes tear up.  Not the thick, weepy tears of uncontrolled emotion, but the thin, burning tears of being lied to by a lover.  With a couple concealing wipes at my face I recover composure.  No sooner is my face beginning to reach bearable levels of comfort do I pass through some basement doors on campus that somehow managed to contain air so thick and moist with human odor that the marsh-like napiness became tangible.  Immediately my eyes are again burning and tearing this time accompanied with snot.  Thin and uncontrollable snot.  It's at this very moment that I realize my brain shouldn't function like this.  I don't feel jilted, emotional, or sick.  I just don't like winter weather.