Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day Awesome

Adam and Steve is back!  And this time is was drawn on my laptop's track pad!  Oh yeah!

Did I mention I love crazy people?  Did I mention I love my Dinosaurs class even more?

Also, if you scroll to the bottom of the blog you'll find a nifty little treat.  :D

Also, no feedback guys?  You make me sad.  :D  Ooops... I guess I can't hide how happy Adam and Steve make me.


Cat said...

Sometimes, you make me sad inside with your hatred of science.
But other times, you make Adam and STeve and it's pretty happy again. Nice work! Which I almost spelled wok. Nice wok too, I guess.

Mary said...

Mwah-ha! That's marvelous. I heart Adam and Steve almost as much as I heart you and the level of blogging you've been a-doin.