Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Picture Of Me and My Friends

Well... here's a funny thing.  So people have funny names in my phone.  I think it started as a joke where people would steal my phone and change names, then I just never changed them back.  So Jake in my phone is Pikachu.
Yeah... so that's pretty much the post for today.  Hopefully you like the colored version.  I sure didn't like the method I tried in coloring this time.  :(

Day 03 - A picture of you and your friends


Joel Deehr said...

You might regret that one day when you cant remember who is who in your phone haha.

Mary said...

Did y'all hear that? Jake's Pikachu, no me. Take notes. Also, kudos for surprising me and not posting the picture of you and the Princess Leias for the picture with your friends day. I like that you're bloggably active again.

joe said...

Lol. It's so true. It's actually happened a couple times where people call me and I'm completely at a loss for who it is.