Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

And the creature emerges a new beast.  Or something.  Anyway.  Here's the concept art for a game I'm working on.  The player gets to decide what power the main character will have/develop for the entire game.  So far the 4 are Nuclear Vomit, The Extinct Dodo (which fits conveniently in a backpack), Robot Arm 6000, and The Stop (Literally... as in time stops entirely) Watch.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Very cool! Nice sketches

Mary said...

I love this concept! The dodo bird is my favorite. I would wear anything with it on it.

kwistin said...

awww, art!

i like. 'specially the extinct dodo (though i wouldn't like it as much if it didn't fit conveniently in a backpack, of course. that's a nice feature).

and if you get that time-stopping clock out of beta mode and into real life, please let me know. i could use one of those.