Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First item of business:
     I take photos sometimes.  If you like seeing photos you can wander over to:
     I was a featured guest!  So cool!  :D

Second item of business:
     THEY CAME!! My first box of a few shirts came today.  I'm going to be printing them up as soon as I can get this weekend over (I love over planned weeks!).  For all you artists out there here's what you should know.

I'm starting what I'd like to call the "Artist Coalition."  Pretty much how it works is I'm gonna keep posting the shirts I'm making on here.  If you would like your own stuff put on a shirt let me know.  I'll email you the costs (really not that much, to be honest) and print you your own shirts.  After that point, if you want, I can post your printed design so that other people can order it too.  If you don't want others to order it I'll destroy the mold forever :).

That's basically it.  I want everyone to be able to own everyone's shirts.  It's so much cooler that way.

So that's it.  I'm getting things started.  If you want one of my shirts (either now or after I've printed them) let me know (they'll be about 12 bucks because I messed up and did things the expensive way this time :().

Thanks everyone!