Saturday, November 7, 2009


So here's about 30 min in. Tell me what you think. I'm trying a lot of new things so seriously give me every criticizm (except on my spelling) that you can muster.

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kwistin said...

Joe, guess what? I digitally painted today! Check the BYUIA blog; it's linked on mine. It's just a fun piece. But it is digital, huzzah.

Your blog changed! Nice.

As for this painting, good work. Since you asked for feedback, here's what I'd say:

1) Nice color scheme. It gives a specific mood. I also like how you added bits of red-- almost complementary colors. Maybe add more red in different parts, to make more stand out. Not tons, but a little more here and there, just really subtle, to tie it all in.

2) I like how it's vignetted so that the focus is in the center.

3) The silhouette thing is cool. Maybe you could think more in terms of shape-making. Instead of just scribbly stuff (which are cool, too) make shapes as well. I think if you did, it would help design it a little better. Like this: notice the background: no detail, but distinct shapes that tell the story. Just a thought.

4) Do you know who Jon Foster is? If you don' NEED to. Go He is amazing. Notice how he thinks in value and SHAPE. He doesn't just paint; he designs his compositions really well.

5) You should also come to his lecture and demos on December 1 and 2. He's coming to BYU! Like...this is huge. Ask me for details. You really should go. I'm so excited to learn from him....

or you can disregard all this. :) keep up the good work!