Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Pathetic

I haven't posted forever. Here it is folks... the unfinished but finished because I'm tired of it!

BTW, give me page views! I like them. :)


Rachael Thomas said...

sculpey is like the easiest thing to use. If you have questions just ask me.. not taylor.. I hear he tried to tell you. but it's really really simple to use. But.. I have a few little secrets.. just ask!

Rachael Thomas said...

Yeah the tree was done with white sculpey then painted. The white sculpey is the kind you can get at wal mart. it's like 6 bucks. I really don't like it. It's oily and leaves residue everywhere, it gets hot too fast and it's just hard to work with. I normally get the flesh colored kind from an art store, it's more expensive but it's waaayy better. it comes in a green cardstock box. Colored sculpey is alright too, it's got a good consistency but I like paint. I normally use colored sculpey for gauges/plugs and for little things that don't take a whole lot of handling, because the colors mix together a little if they get too hot. hope this helps.