Thursday, August 6, 2009

Modern Gods

So the ancient gods keep up with fashion right? Well I think so. On one side we've got the very masculine god of wind (complete with the high tops of nike and keys of the four winds). Coming on the other side we have the goddess of water (complete with bikini under tank top under jacket, and a bag full of the secrets of the seas). Sorry the feet are jacked. I was on the bottom of the page and couldn't get a good angle to draw them from without my hand sitting funny on something.


Rachael Thomas said...

Hey my ATC's are on card stock and canvas paper. anything thick really, like a baseball card or thicker. we should trade!!! :D

Rachael Thomas said...

That would be sweet, there are a lot of online ATC swaps that I do. I think I sent a card to Africa. It's cool, it like a little business card thats hand made.