Monday, August 31, 2009

Fire Nymph

Here's my fire nymph. I hope you like it.


kwistin said...

I really like how you draw faces, super simple with lots of space. Probably anime inspired, eh? :)

Reminds me of Guy's work, or <--the 4th one on there by Hala or even Mary GrandPre.

All in all, good concept. Also, nice quote in the post right after this. Simple, yet so true and often forgotten.

joe said...

Thanks Kristin! I'm actually really Skottie Young inspired on my faces. :D

I should also mention that this is part of my new speed painting routine. Sketched in class and about an hour painting (not fast I know, but it is for me).

kwistin said...

That's way funny that it's Skottie Young inspired; I was actually going to mention that in my comment! But i figured that everything you do is Skottie Young-inspired so I looked harder for other possible inspirations. :) Thanks for introducing me to him.

Way to have a speed painting routine! At least you have a routine...I'm plunging into oil painting and feel like I'm drowning....*gulp*

joe said...

Yeah... I'm not ready to dive into the big boy paints yet. I'll leave the exploring to you more experienced explorers and you can let me know it's done! :D