Monday, July 27, 2009

Left Out

So I feel bad. I really feel like I've been leaving you guys out of the loop. I've been posting a lot more on my deviantart than on my blog. So to make it up.. here's the latest.


Heidi said...

AAAH!!! Fireflies from Owl City. Love it!

joe said...


Aaron Ludwig said...

This is great.
Hey, you still wanna be part of the Y Not blog? We'd love to see your stuff there too!
You rock.

joe said...

Thanks Aaron! I'll post some stuff on there. I wanted to I was just intimidated because how good people are over there.

kwistin said...

ooOOOOooooh is it 'fireflies'? LOVE that song.

nice work on the piece, too. good color.

what is your deviantart address?

joe said...

Thanks Kristin. The address is:

Scope it. If you set up an account with them you can get the free portfolio with them.