Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm In

So I'm in. BYU accepted me today to their CS Animation program. I'm happy.

Oh yeah. Here's this also:

It's the fixed version of my final project of last semester.


Aaron Ludwig said...


Heidi said...

This looks great! You did a lot of work on it lately.

I'm super excited you got into the program too.

kwistin said...


Good job, Joseph! I'm proud of you. And I'm a bit more than slightly jealous. I know I can't major in everything...but animation is so awesome. Way to be a part of the awesomeneness.

Great work on the image, too. I really like the perspective and texture. Also the shallow depth of field and glow to make a visual center of focus.

Tyson Murphy said...

grats, are those bubbles put in after? or are those actual 3d objects?