Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Real Men of Genius

I just realized that I never said anything about my excursion with the imfamous Lucas. We went on a photoshoot a few weeks ago and it was quite fun. I will admit though... being a male model feels gay, and wearing makeup and girls clothes feels gayer... but it was for the art form... so here's a taste.

Don't judge me. You don't even know. Do you think I like being like this? Well I don't.

The full thing is here:


Anonymous said...

Lol! Ok so pretty much if Ryan doesn't see that post I'm going to be very disappointed. I really do need to see more of these pictures though.


rosemary said...

Mary warned me that you looked like James Dean. I have to concede that it's true. It's an awesome picture! Luke is a visual genius.