Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So it's taken me awhile to upload the final version of this project. I've always just been a little worried that as soon as I posted it I'd want to change something. Last night I got started on a new project and for me that means no more old project. So there it is. Done and over. The new project is on its way. I'll post concept sketches on lpsprovo.blogspot.com.


runnerfrog said...

Duck soup in a duck bowl is an irony of life.
Is all this made in Maya?

kwistin said...

Nice Work! I like the concept, and it's rendered well too. I'd totally buy those ducks if I saw them in the store.

Dude, I have no idea how Maya works. You're awesome. Are you applying for Animation this year?

ps, the word verification to post this is "hellizes". That sounds like a terrible, terrible verb. Perhaps what finals week does to campus...?

joe said...

OMG Kristin that is too good. I'm actually applying to the CS Animation. I decided after much thought that it would be the stronger career choice.

Yeah, this is all in Maya. A little Polygon modeling and some nCloth and bam! It's done.