Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wake The Dead

Heres the most recent sketches for an animation project we're working on. Feel free to comment, and suggestions or post concepts. There will be only 2 characters... the zombie and the human. The song we'll be using is a shortened version of the song "Wake The Dead" by The Used. Here's the concepts thus far.


kwistin said...

What animation project is this?

joe said...

We are working on making a short film that we will probably use for our portfolios. It's aprox. 1:30 long. We're looking for any concepts for our zombie thriller.

Shelly & Scott said...

Hey Joe,
I liked seeing the art work you've done. Did you see Ryan's new game he got for Christmas called "Zombies"? You'll have to check it out you might get some ideas from it. Take care, Thanks for having our family over for Thanksgiving!!!