Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clear My Head

So I was pretty stressin' the other day and I just had to get it out. Funny thing is that the way I went about it was by drawing how my head felt.... and here it is. Sorry about the sucky color too... my tablet isn't at my apartment... and I suck at coloring.
Oh yeah... did I mention that I was watching "Finding Neverland?" It was pretty sweet... I just tend to relate to Peter Pan anway! So here was some just for fun-ness. I guess all my stuff is just for fun though! Whatever... he's Mr. Pan and a lost boy!


The Never Fairy said...

Hey there, Pan fan!

Just wanted to let you know a new Peter Pan novel is on the way. And unlike the prequels and sequels out there, this book doesn't contradict Barrie's original stories. Actually, it's based on his idea to expand Pan's adventure!
Click on my name for the announcement page...


the.kim.peterson said...

You've inspired me to start drawring again. So, I'm drawing in the moleskin someone gave me.