Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

Here's the next update of hot footage. Every now and again you just get the urge to skate and it happens. So here's the newest stuff with me and Jake. I love it!



Katie said...

joe-loved the wall ride!
jake-loved the board falling in the snow,ha! and the amazing grinds were SWEET!
And whoever thought of jake turning up the song and that's his song...genious!
love ya'll

kwistin said...

mmm. :) I like what you've done with the rest of it and the new stuff. And I think I've heard that message of Jake's before...classic.

Talk2thetrees said...

hey i can be rachael thomas when ever i want! ( i just didn't feel like being rachael caringella, then switching to rachael thomas, it would confuse all my devoted fans out there.}